Somewhere, Cheryl Burke Cried Tonight

So Cheryl Burke has been one of the big "Dancing With The Stars" professionals for years now - almost always getting her celeb to the finals.

Walt Disney Studios D23 Expo - Day 1
Cheryl's gotta be bummin' - and not because of these bangs - which appear to be about 8 inches long. Really?

This year - tragedy struck Miss Burke. She got paired with the hopelessly uncoordinated, conservative values toutin', pants-too-high-wearin' Tom DeLay.

This is what it sounds like when doves cry.

This is not a political commentary. Let's be honest, Cheryl Burke is only famous when this show is on the air. And when it's on the air, she's only famous when she's in the running! Do you think Cheryl Burke could walk into an Olive Garden and be recognized any other time? Actually, that's a bad example. (Olive Garden patrons eat and watch TV alot.) Instead, do you think Cheryl Burke could walk into the Ritz Carlton and be recognized any other time?

But I digress.
Let's just say, Miss Burke ain't gonna be dancin' with no stars for much longer this season. I hope she kept her second job at the Arthur Miller dance studio or wherever else she spends her time.

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