George Michael's Monkey Business

George Michael performs the second night of his 25 Live Tour at Madison Square Garden

This is what the guy who arrested him wore!

George Michael is nominated for a VMA award tomorrow. Not for a new song... there's some cockamamie
(I've been saying cockamamie in conversation lately, but I assure you, I do so ironically.) award that gives shout-outs
to people who should have won an award years ago for a video they did 'back in the day'.
It's for his video "Freedom" which was pretty awesome back then, and is still pretty cool, what with all the
supermodels and such.

That said, instead I prefer to embed the video for "Monkey" which I'm sure he has filed under filed under the
category of "I can't believe I wore that... and that... oh and that."

I don't know when this video was made, as in, was he out of the closet at the time? But look at this outfit. I mean...

Forget the monkey on your back - get that hat off you too!

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