When Does She Technically Begin "Going Rogue"?

Gov. Sarah Palin
"Thanks for flying 'Alaska Airlines.' There's going to be some turbulence."

The drama continues with the Palinator... Oddly enough, despite calling her tome "Going Rogue," much of the book centers around accusations that she was always doing what campaign staffers told her to do... resulting in a virtual comedy of errors. (Which begs the question - when was, or is, she 'going rogue' - when she constantly blames everything she says and does on other people reportedly pulling the strings?

The New York Times has the background on the expression, which apparently arose from Palin's departures from Campaign advice... but more and more stories on the book point to the fact that more often that not, at least according to Palin, she did what she was told.
(Of course, the "It wasn't me - it was them" excuse seems squarely directed at what went wrong rather than what went right.)

Then there's the infamous interview she did with Katie Couric...
According to TVnewser, Palin claims she was essentially forced, (or assertively convinced) to do with Katie by her staffer, who claimed Katie had 'low self esteem' since taking the evening news job. Suddenly Palin claims she 'felt sorry for her,' and conceded to the interview.
What Palin doesn't seem to be able to explain away is why she did so horribly with the multi part interview, (during none of which does Katie seem the least bit insecure, I might add.)

Because everyone loves an encore - the Couric Interview...

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