The "Chicken Selects Defense"

I know there is nothing funny about this story. But it defies explanation.
Diane Schuler was this woman in New York who allegedly drove drunk and killed eight people in a wrong-way crash. She too was killed. Horrific tragedy.

Her family, who contends she was NOT high or drunk when she was killed, is being sued... and their lawyer contends that Diane could NOT have been drunk or high! Why? She gave a VERY COMPLICATED order at the McDonalds Drive Thru just before the crash.

McDonald's Same Store Sales Up 7.1 Percent In January

Um. Yes. That's right.
The attorney says that she ordered chicken selects during breakfast time - which ANY McDonalds connoisseur, (moi) can tell you they don't sell in the morning. BUT the lawyer says Diane KNEW that... and the fact that she was lucid enough to beg for the chicken selects is proof enough she wasn't trippin.'

Where is Matlock when you need him?

The full story HERE.
And finally, an addendum:
I was distraught when McDonald's first introduced the Chicken Selects - touting them as more 'real' meat (or something like that.) WHA? I like my processed McNuggets, thank you - don't rub your fancy white meat selects in my face.

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