This is How Many Dollars Nic Cage Has Now:

Nicolas Cage

Wanna have dinner? You're buyin.'

How many cars Nic Cage had: 22.
How many cars you need: 1 or 2.

How many yachts Nic Cage reportedly had: 4
How many yachts you need: probably none, but let's go with 1.

How many castles Nic Cage had: 2
How many castles ... oh you get the idea.

Most of us never come into this kind of money. While fantasizing about winning the lottery, I always tell myself I'll never become one of those sad stories about the person who just didn't know how to manage all that wealth and pissed it all away.

Nic Cage won the career lottery, and he has become that person.

Read about it everywhere. Or at CNN.

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