Hulk Hogan Getting Married! America Didn't Know He Was Dating!

Sorry to disappoint all you single ladies, but someone else is "putting a ring on it."
A future Mrs. Hulk Hogan is in the works...

Hulk Hogan's Hulkamania Tour Hits Perth

Are those wedding bells I hear? Or are my ears ringing from all the blows to the head?

I'm sorry -but if someone ever told me that Hulk Hogan would be getting this many headlines in the year 2009, I truly wouldn't believe them. I would have filed them under the category of 'millennium bug conspiracy theorists' and those people who think Elvis is still alive.

But there is actual Hulk Hogan "news" - he is marrying again. (America didn't even know he was dating!) But this time to a christian girlfriend who doesn't like to read newspapers and probably hates 'rude people.'

According to a FoxNews.com article:
“If you’re in my home and watching TV, you have to watch the science channel or the history channel or cartoons..."

The cartoons line certainly brought my impression of her down a bit.

The wrestler also claims he hates confrontation of any kind. (Unless, I imagine, he's doing it for lots and lots of money.) I mean, he's a wrestler, right? Isn't that slightly confrontational?

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