This Just In: Don't Believe Anyone When They Tell You ANYTHING

Poor Falcon... he's definitely a victim in all this... God forbid he's every truly swept away in a hot air balloon, because no one will believe him!

Experimental Balloon Takes Flight Purportedly With Boy Aboard

His dad, Richard Heene, not so much a victim... but he has accomplished the impossible... making Jon Gosselin look like a good father!

Experimental Balloon Takes Flight Purportedly With Boy Aboard

I can only hope he doesn't profit from this.
But the biggest victim is the viewing public... done in by a world where "Candid Camera" and "Punk'd" has blended with real life. There is something sad about living in a time when "the news becomes farce. This whole stunt apparently an effort to create buzz for a 'reality' show.
(Long ago there were things called "documentaries" that tried to capture real moments and real stories...)

I'll get off the soap box now. I'm as much a viewer of the campy deliciousness that is 'reality' television. But when it collides to horrifically with the things I want to believe, it turns me on my ear.

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